A roundabout, a symbol of childhood and light-heartedness, on a magical journey to accompany little girls with their eyes full of imagination and a smile in their heart. An enchanting trip with open-eyes-dreams, to feel a little bit princess and a little bit rock-star, giving the magic of imagination a free rein.


A pinch of magic, a handful of fun, a dusting of playfulness… and we start the story of Miss Grant’s magical world amidst the spellbinding atmosphere and sparkling worlds of a modern fairytale: a giant teddy bear represents L:ù L:ù, a motorbike for So Twee, a horse for Miss Grant Easy & Chic and a pumpkin for Miss Grant Couture. A different look for each ride on the roundabout: different collections represent Miss Grant’s autumn-winter 2014-2015 for multiple inspirations whose only recurring feature is the brand’s unmistakeable elegance. Because the passion that makes a dream come true is the ability to perceive the magic, surprise and enchantment of the wonderful world of tiny tots…

Miss Grant Easy & Chic

Centred on everything super soft, the mood of the Miss Grant Easy&Chic collection for autumn winter 2014-2015 focuses on its characteristic sophistication conveyed by an interplay of volumes and textures, with fl uid silhouettes and a rich palette of the most delicate shades.

A sophisticated lifestyle is behind the elegant, contemporary models with the most comfortable textures for a fun but refined everyday style.

Prints are a key feature – stylish and fun when used in contrasting shades for dresses and outerwear. We love animal prints! An animal-marking print with an unusual gold glitter treatment for the fleece top in the delicate tones of camel and all-over black camo or embroidered with sequins in the many shades of military green for a classic hoodie revisited with garment-dyeing and laminated prints.

The models in shades of blue navy teamed with denim are more fluid; the elegant colour scheme creates a casual look with a sculpted yet soft and rounded fit.

Versatile styles to wear to school or for playing in the park, or mixed with more elegant models to create a more stylish effect… totally easy and chic!

Miss Grant Couture

The suitcase of dreams of Miss Grant Couture’s little girls opens onto the mythical ‘50s and ‘60s. The label’s autumn winter 2014-2015 collection is inspired by happy days and dreams that really do come true! Starting with the colour shades: pale and sophisticated, they create a timeless, fascinating atmosphere. Milky-white with silver; powder pink, grey mixed with pale green and black-and-white with fuchsia. The colours help to emphasise the mixtures of rich, luxury textures for dresses and tiny goes-with-anything jackets, clothes characterised by retro and vintage details with perfectly elegant, refi ned solutions. The rich textures create sharp lines for decorated dresses – trapeze-line, fl ared – with lace appliqués and richly decorative details in a continuing research of uniqueness.

Besides all, what would life be without the beautiful tailoring of Miss Grant Couture styles to love and wear continuously?

So twee by Miss Grant

So Twee… Born to be Rock! The elements that made the pop-rock style a timeless classic are revisited for juniors in So Tweet by Miss Grant’s collection for autumn-winter 2014-2015.

A black and white winter with flashes of light where advanced technology teams with craftsmanship and takes inspiration from Pop Art and comic strips mixed with other fun elements of the urban street look. The result? A new, personal style featuring contemporary influences for a little, sweet fashionista.

An urban casual look centred on the hoodie with essential contrasting iconic elements that make it a cult item. The label’s urban-chic soul emerges powerfully in maxi volumes and bold combinations. The principal colours are strong and fluro, while the finishing appears in contrast.

Ultra-comfy sweaters and graphic-art prints on T-shirts are mixed with more fashionable items such as maxi tees, mini dresses, leggings and shorts to consolidate the casual trend: curious with a touch of the avant-garde!

Contrasting colour schemes are precisely the main features of a stunning style for looks with a bold personality.

A feisty, feminine yet delicate range characterised by alternating oversized and slim lines, luxury fabrics, brilliant reflections. Featuring pop-culture colours, the palette ranges from fuchsia pink to fluro yellow, from grass green to bright orange mixed with melange grey.

Grant Garcon

The Grant Garçon collection for autumn winter 2014 – 2015 has an urban style with a dual mood, versatile and endless combinations for smaller fashion fans.

The label’s denim-dominated theme is casual and carefree. Denim appears in all its versions; comfort and fit are its bywords and classic jeans are proposed in shades of blue, military green and camo. Metropolitan chic for Grant Garçon’s more urban style. The colours are the first and most obvious expression of this source of inspiration: grey in all its shades – asphalt first and foremost.

The trompe l’oeil T-shirt is a must-have. This most classic top is enriched with ties, waistcoats, braces… all printed in contrasting colours so that, once again, tradition combines with an urge for experimentation to generate unprecedented styles.


Preppy atmosphere and a single pattern, tartan, for L:ù L:ù’s Preppy Style reinterpreted in a modern twist and reinvented with a touch of fun. Old-school also in the colour range, which are basic and simple while textures are joyful. Tartan appears on numerous details and is used for dresses and skirts mixed with floral prints. There’s also a strong version where the same patterns are in neoprene, for a preppy girl at the forefront of fashion!

The hoodie is the key element re-worked in unique pieces with a retro flavour counterbalanced by oversized forms and reversible models. The authentically vintage flammé hoodie is a must-have and is also available in a new version bonded with lace.

Light styles and minimal details for the L:ù L:ù collection’s Romance theme. A look with the perfume of a modern fairytale in pastel tones: pink above all, paired with grey and embellished with a “wallpaper” print that explodes onto the stretch wool of oversized mini dresses and shorts.

The label’s talent for experimentation translates into garment-dyed Lurex hoodies with lace inserts and decorated with genuinely handmade cabochon patches. Unusual inserts enrich the collection: tulle and laminated prints on the finished garment – including a new, coppery shade – in contrasting colours to add a brighter touch to maxi tees, leggings and knitted sweaters.