For the FENDI Kids F/W 2014-2015 collection, we have resumed the FENDI’s distinctive codes, including graphic elements, fur, colour blocking, precious fabrics and unique workmanship techniques, reinterpreted and adapted for the little ones. That’s how this sophisticated, yet playful and sometimes surprising collection came about

With the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Collection, FENDI Kids explores, emphasizing, the Maison’s distinctive codes; FENDI’s exceptional savoir-faire is spontaneous, revisiting the maison’s iconic stylistic codes of the Maison, integral parts of FENDI DNA, such as colour blocking, graphic elements and fur, often with surprising results. This next winter collection is increasingly focused on quality fabrics, production and original pieces, which are unmistakeable thanks to that ‘unexpected charm’: an unwritten, unstated code that FENDI has nonetheless made their own, creating a pleasant surprise effect.

The world of children is interpreted by FENDI with passion and enthusiasm; the true craftsmanship of the most authentic Italian sartorial tradition, precious nishes and extreme elegance are mixed with the natural and playful spontaneity of contemporary design, which is attentive to what our little ones might need. The FENDI child is a happy child, with a natural, simple and studied elegance, sporty but always rened. Their clothes pick up on the lines, colours and stylistic codes of the Maison but are redeveloped with amusing touches, playful details with a spontaneous attitude that is always seeking fun and games.

The constant alternation of elements and unexpected fabrics are eye-catching and exciting; a choice underlined by bold colour blocks used on all themes in the collection. The simplicity and geometrical linearity of the constructions is then cleverly minimised by delicate details and skilled use of colour. This feature also benets the fur, which is made more fun with lively, intense tones, and is used to enhance the originality of garments, footwear and accessories. Velvet is among the fabrics used, combined with black, strawberry or powder green tulle.


The F/W 14-15 collection oers rened and elegant garments with touches of velvet and fur, sporty pieces in neoprene or jersey, modern fabrics such as crêpe de chine and classic fabrics such as tartan, nishes and details in knit and satin, or in PVC for a more modern look, inserts in lurex and nally, strong colours to make an impact: petrol blue, strawberry, yellow and plum.

Part of the collection cleverly blends sportiness and elegance to create a comfortable, dynamic, but totally fashionable style. It is a transversal collection that uses the needle punching technique to play with contrasting textiles: from sporty jersey, which highlights the elaborate FENDI cuts, to grey annel with delicate hints of mink; from tartan with soft lines, combined with velvet or annel detailing for accessories too, to very sporty technical neoprene fabric, here revisited for modern and elegant garments. Even the leather of the timeless studded jacket and the wool on the magnicent coats miraculously change appeal thanks to small, precious velvet features.

The sportiest part of the collection is dedicated to college style, which immediately takes us back to the age of legendary American colleges, when low-slung jeans, enormous sweatshirts and bombers were the must-haves, in shocking tones of yellow, grey and burgundy. Pop colours are used on tartan as well. Flannel is grey with material and jersey inserts, while the typical college logo that marks t-shirts and sweatshirts in towelling is personalised with 1925 – the year of the Maison’s birth. The most fun and joyful designs in the winter collection are monsters, zebras, owers and polka dots! Geometric gures that seem to come to life with pom-poms and tops with big eyes, while little printed monsters peep out from the folds in scarves and keyehs. Nylon ski-suits are part of the dedicated snow range; a mix of knit and satin nishes with zebra print revisited with a pop touch using bright colours; PVC owers that seem to bloom from clothes, ballet ats, blouses and ared skirts; white, yellow, pink and petrol blue mini polka dots on crêpe de chine with the FENDI logo, exceptionally written in italics.

For FENDI Kids, every party or evening out is an important occasion. FENDI has created elegant garments with silhouettes highlighted by lurex inserts for the little princesses, in a colour range from classic grey, to black, to pale pink. For the young gentleman, elegant duel coats, overcoats and suits, in irreplaceable grey. Rened fringes or buckles on matching shoes.


Jersey, printed fabrics and cotton muslin with the updated all-over squirrel print, symbol of the FENDI Baby collection. The colours chosen are pink and sky blue with hints of cherry and petrol blue. The fabrics are similar to those used in the kid’s collection, ranging therefore from tartan to grey annel, from pink or plum velvet to ruches and mini polka dots on bodysuits. The nursery packs and prams, now in tone on tone pequin fabric, are must-haves again this season, with an elegant matching mummy-bag.