Winter pastels, nuanced, nostalgic, combined with white or metallic gold and silver, emphasised when brightest until fading to darker grey and black. Waist-cut dresses with very rich skirt, low-slung and wide with rolled pleats, sheath dress loose on the body and softened with playful elements such as a frill at the bottom.

Refined fabrics: metallic floral elements in jacquard weave, classic gingham in gold and silver viscose and Lurex. The classic check returns in the yarn-dyed stretch material of trousers, skirts and the needle-punched fabric of overcoats. Sequin embroidery and application of rhinestones and stones make everything light and shiny. Lurex is also proposed as part of the knitwear line, such as jacquard weave combined with a cashmere and cotton yarn.


A range of greys that goes from the darker colours to white and silver before warming up into gold and beige. A-line pieces, turned up and loose-fitting shorts, A-line and bell-line mini-skirts, classic trousers in Rome stitch, soft and with a pyjama effect in viscose crepe, grey denim with flowers of studs and rhinestone or blue with golden charms and stones. The grey melange sweatshirt is enhanced with beads and stones. Textures are sophisticated, sometimes three-dimensional, sometimes out of focus. The refined floral print on jacquard weave in gold and silver is even more defined on taffeta and satin. Natural, traditional yarns were chosen and modernised with sequin inserts, fun inlays, sophisticated stitching and ribs.

Party and Ceremony
True blue, indigo dye, forget-me-not blue. Blue cut with turquoise, metallic colours and grey. Precious garments that alternate fuller fabrics with soft crepe and georgette, full tutus with rolled pleats, flowing shorts and trousers.Lots of different prints, on sweatshirts and knitwear, also to be mixed with floral embroidery on tulle. T-shirts and sweatshirts with digitally and water-based printed patches, metallic laminates, unexpectedly combined for the perfect balance between technology and tradition.

The colour palette dominated by the basic tones of white, red and black is brought up to date by a curious mix of shiny and opaque metallic elements. New-look, waist-cut garments with flared or panel skirts, lines that follow the contours of the body and then widen out at the bottom. Shirt-dresses, t-shirt dresses, shorts, trousers and skirts in eco-leather and Rome stitch. Patchwork is the star feature of this theme, with fabrics such as jacquard combined with tartan and prints and materials such as eco-leather combined with jersey. Technical fabrics for couture clothing: neoprene, whilst maintaining its compact and crushproof characteristics, becomes thinner and softer and more wearable. Lines are clean but volumes are oversized. Organza, paint and sequin embroidery provide a sweet, feminine touch.

For a faster, more everyday look, fleece was naturally involved and we see it used on dresses, jackets, tops and trousers, enhanced with prints, georgette patches and embellished with beads and rhinestones. Highly sought-after knitwear, cut, finished with embroidered organza or coloured stones. Rome stitch enhanced by multi-coloured leather hems in mink.

Winter Fables
The world of fairy tales comes to life and forest creatures peek out happily on dresses, skirts and t-shirts. Fawns, owls, foxes, hedgehogs and rabbits are featured on fun knitted inserts and precious sequin embroidery. Mute pink provides a background for neutral colours and is also proposed in a Lurex version, for skirts, dresses and Bermuda shorts combined with uniquely stitched knitwear to create a quilted effect or enhanced with elegant micro sequin flowers. Pink is also used for the delicate embroidery on the organza dress and skirt and the nuanced flowers that seem to bloom from the cotton satin print.

Contemporary Flowers
Moving flowers breathe life into dresses and t-shirts for a truly unusual effect. Flowers are everywhere, even in knitwear inlays. The colour palette is enhanced with lively, bright colours: red, mandarin, sky blue and blue. Iconic maxi garments in Rome stitch, enhanced by entirely hand-sewn embroidery and decorated with sequins, crystals and beads. Timeless tartan is back on dresses and skirts, brought up to date and kept current through a careful balance of new forms and colours.

Bear’s Cute Wardrobe
The most glamorous bear on the planet, along with its peculiar wardrobe and many accessories, is the star of this theme, the most playful in the collection, and can be seen on dresses, t-shirts and knitwear for children for an ironic and playful look. A maxi jacquard bear stands out on both the black and white knitted dress, brought up to date with an original neoprene frill, and the maxi pullover in fuchsia knit. The bear’s funny expressions, which include a lot of big smiles, cover knitted inlays and fun coordinated accessories. The black and white combination is also used for the classic yarn-dyed Prince of Wales wool and gingham which are reinterpreted in a contemporary, graphic design. The sweatshirt had to be included of course, transformed and enhanced thanks to embroidery on a black and white background for a look that is refined but casual at the same time.

My Little Friend
For the Mini boys: velvets, cotton herringbone, jacquard and tweed are used for a more informal, deconstructed and unlined jacket. Shirts display fun contrasts thanks to unusual combinations of tartan and check, also seen in patches on chine t-shirts for a coordinated look. Elegant colours range from blues with hints of petrol blue for velvet and black/blue for the dinner jacket. Blue is also used on the more everyday range, minimised thanks to combination garment dyed velvet in decisive colours, a real passe-partout, picking up details from the whole collection in the turn-ups. Fun cartoons are seen both on t-shirts and sweatshirts with jacquard fronts, which ‘borrow’ the little bear from the girls’ collection.

Important garments dedicated to ceremony, parties and all special occasions; a romantic theme inspired entirely by roses and pink in all its nuances combined with cream and platinum. Precious embroidery on organza, metallic gold fabrics and mini jacquard weave in micro gingham, micro floral patterns that mix with maxi bouquets of roses. Garments with ruches and fleece frills are brightened up with flowery chokers and Swarovski crystals. Romantic roses also feature on onesies in jersey or cashmere mix knitwear and in the new-born kits designed for a child’s first six months.


The playful forest atmosphere cheers up every moment of the day: sweet leverets, little bears, rabbits, hedgehogs, fawns and owls come together happily in the all-over print on velvet or satin. The animals have fun together and play, just like in the cartons, on t-shirts, onesies and jacquard knitwear. Knitted shrugs are decorated with small, shiny sequins, to be combined with organza dresses embroidered with woollen flowers. Delicate and natural colours such as neutral grey are combined with pink for little girls and blue for little boys.

Funny Bears
Friendly little bears depicted with hundreds of expressions smile and laugh on cashmere and jersey mix knitted onesies, cardigans and turtle-necks. Large jacquard weave bears are amusingly combined with classic blue tartan for everyday wear. Woven and Linz stitch knitwear with embroidered, removable collars for cashmere mix onesies perfect for those first months, tones of cream and grey-blue dominate in the nursery range. Denim is characterised by tartan patches, seen on jackets, dungarees that turn into trousers and Bermuda shorts. Smooth blue velvet is the star of the ceremony, combined with blue and elegant cashmere mix knitwear.

The Simonetta Collection is completed by a truly wide and precious range of accessories.

Tones from deep black, sand and scarlet red for a glamorous and contemporary look, perfect for accompanying your most entertaining moments.

Diamond-cut chains and pendants replace and decorate laces for a very urban effect.

Metal hearts stand out from quilted embroidery; crackle-effect golden leathers enhance and create a fun contrast between bon ton and street style, which is visible in the biker boots, sneakers and ballet flats.

The collection is tied together by sparkles: stones in every colour set into the uppers of boots, ankle boots and ballet flats in soft, natural leather with a modern rubber sole.

Luxury buckles loaded with rhinestones, sparkling metallic knitwear, jewelled buttons and metal flowers mould and reinvent the classic models, such as lace-ups, and embellish the sneakers with mini hidden heels.

Chains, bows, large stones, details in multi-coloured mink and opalescent leathers form the transversal elements of the collection.

Aggressive use of metal and stone is lightened up by soft sheepskin and the warmth of the mink that heats up the boot and wellie collection.

The animal-inspired theme is revisited with graphics, playing with tones of black and white, positive and negative with a nuanced effect on lacquered wellies and printed taffeta laces.