Australian and New Zealand atmospheres and suggestions in the graphics, in the symbols, in the colours, for the Billionaire proposal of the next spring summer.Designs of the native Australians and prints taken from the traditional maori tattoos enliven the entire collection.

The shirts are brightened up by microprints, inspired by the vegetation and by the local fauna: the result is a kind of cashmere pattern with an australian accent. We can also find the floral theme with enameled and shiny colours inside the jackets and the trousers.

The moko, the typical tattoo with which the Maoris paint their face, ecomes an icon we can find on sweaters, t-shirts and shoes. Sometimes it is made precious by the use of studs, but it always preserves a halo of ritual and sacredness.

Some hints of the most classical and cheerful Australia are fundamental, with sublimated prints that tell about kangaroos and sunny beaches.In the same way, the chromatic palette recalls the summertime and the ocean:turquoise, white, cobalt blue and touches of yellow.