John Galliano Kids AW14/15 are out of this world. Inspired by outer space and aliens,Mods and rockers above all John Galliano Kids are dressed for adventure.Here bold colour and bright prints and ideas inspire young personalities from baby to young teens.

The John Galliano Kids collection creates three fully-fashioned themes:-Cosmic Girls, and Galactic Boys ‘Trekking on the Moon’ and both tunne up the volume to become Modern Day Mods as they dress to be ‘Part of the Band’.

Cosmic Girl is a mix of glitter,candy pink and carbon grey.She finds inspiration as she gazes into space in fur jackets,gazette sequinned chiffon dresses and pretty printed taffeta and jacquard party dresses.Pink taffeta is mixed with print tops.Knitted grey gilets are worn with knitted leggings and cosmic prints ensure her look is from another world.

Baby girls wear cosmic colour explosions of pink,turquoise and carbon greys.Sequin starbursts scatter party dresses.Astronaut kittens print on jersey.Jeans are frilled and rompers capture the starry night sky.

Galactic Boys mix aliens from outer space,print jerseys and knits for AW14/15.A colour palatte of moon crater grey,night black is set off with shiny alien green and sparkling sapphire.Grey gazettes, shiny nylons to space shearlings to trekker sweatshirts help him get ready for take off.

Baby boys have cosy quilted grey spacesuits,cosmic blues and rompers for moon-walking as the planets align.